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Bacchus is a brand of Deviser's electric guitar that is proud of its highest-class techniques in Japan as well. Partly because it has started from an acoustic guitar brand of HEADWAY made in 1977 originally, they boast the highest level of fabrication technology as well as the commitment to the material of wood overwhelming others. Yet, they curb costs as low as possible and its cost performance becomes one of their advantages that other famous brands are not able to make it possible. The high woodwork in Japan cultivated for a long time after ages, and it is a result after being polished furthermore by the current artisan skills. It is the guitar brand of Bacchus. Our shop offers brand new products only through the official routes. We are truly grateful for your consideration.

Products lineup

Bacchus guitar/bass lineup

Hot Items ! ( 2015/10 )
Exotic Wood Custom (4st /5st)
Mango and Acasia Wood Bass Guitars
Classic Series Bass Guitars
Limited Edition RELIC GUITARS
Mango Wood Models
Seventy Seven Guitars

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Customer's Voice

We would like to say thank you to all customers.

"Thanx, i got the bass friday, and i love it so far."

I acutally plugged it into my Macbook pro and recorded a song/video - it's now on Youtube.

(From Norway)

"The guitar has arrived in good condition."
Nice doing business with you.

Thank you.

With regards,


"The guitar arrived today."
It shows amazing craftsmanship and tone, better than Fen***
I was also extremely impressed with your professional service and fast delivery.
I look forward to buying more guitars from you soon!
Thanks again.

(From Australia)

"I have received the instrument today, in good condition."
I must say that I am very impressed by the quality of the bass: looks, feeling, craftsmanship
and sound are superb. This is a wonderful jazz-type bass.

I would like to thank you for your fast and reliable service and I hope to
be your customer again.

(From Switzerland)


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